Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions of work

The client will be the only one who supplies Wholewave with any website material (text and multimedia). Such should be offered before the work is started.

Unless otherwise clearly stated, paid for, and agreed to by both parties towards such, the Contract does not hold Wholewave accountable for any data input, site hosting, or custom artwork/graphics related work/tasks. Unless otherwise specified, any artwork, photos, or text that Wholewave supplies and/or designs on behalf of the client will remain the property of Wholewave and/or its suppliers.

Personal information we collect

Before allowing Wholewave to take the necessary steps to fulfill the contract, it is the client's responsibility to properly backup all of the content on their website. Under no circumstances shall Wholewave be liable for any loss or damage to current data.

Wholewave will make every effort to complete all deliveries within the estimated time, but there may occasionally be a need to adjust the time frame due to unforeseen circumstances, such as deployment problems, dependencies, third-party support, development bottlenecks, emergency resource shortages, delayed communication, and the like.

The Client authorizes Wholewave to publish and utilize any data, files, or graphic logos that the Client provides while keeping all copyrights therein. Any data or files that are protected by a third party's copyright must be used with the client's consent and within the bounds of those rights. The Client further agrees to release Wholewave from any and all claims originating from the client's negligence or inability to obtain valid copyright licenses, as well as responsibility for granting Wholewave permission and rights to use the same. A contract for the design and/or placement of a website shall be deemed a representation by the client to Wholewave that all necessary rights and authorities have been secured. It may be necessary to provide proof of authorizations and powers.

The Client will have the chance to assess the Web site's appearance and content both during the design process and after it has been finished by Wholewave. In order to receive client feedback on such shared work or deliverables, Wholewave must wait seven days. If the client does not respond during this time, the material will be assumed to have been received and approved by the client on an automated basis.

Once installed or delivered, Wholewave will not take liability for any changes made to the client's pages or website by the client or a third party. These changes can be additions, adjustments, or removals, among other things. Wholewave may need to collect a one-time Web Development fee before resolving any potential problems.


Wholewave accepts checks, cash, and bank transfers as modes of payment (although we reserve the right to decline payment in any of these forms without notice). Without restriction, Wholewave retains the right to discontinue any payment options whenever necessary and to change its prices suddenly.

Web Servers

If the customer cancels the service before it is finished, a cancellation fee could be applied. At the time of cancellation, the charge will be calculated based on the amount of work already done.

If necessary, legal action will be taken if the cancellation charge and/or overdue amount are not paid.

Assistance and Third-Party

We provide free support for the first month when the website starts. After a free trial period of one month, we start charging based on the price package that best meets the needs of the client. In addition, if the customer selects a more expensive package, we provide tempting discounts. The scope of service only covers email help and bug fixes; it does not cover issues with site architecture, rule modifications, or add-ons or extensions.

Any third-party assistance, assistance from a third-party product or service used or integrated into the site that requires licensing, payment, copyright, etc. shall be the sole responsibility and liability of the client and shall be provided by the client or purchased by Wholewave on behalf of the client at the pre-paid cost of such purchase. The Wholewave price is exclusive of out-of-pocket costs and expense reports submitted by the related third-party goods and services.

Upgrades to Third-Party products or services used in the project are not included in the scope at Wholewave. They must be handled based on their viability, and Wholewave may request a price and timeline change.

Wholewave will not make any promises or warranties regarding the reliability or effectiveness of such a 3rd-party product or service.

Billing, rework, improvements/additions

Any extra features that weren't included in the scope of work will be considered through a change management procedure and charged for separately. After the wireframe sign-off, scope creep would incur more costs, longer delivery times, and higher delivery costs.

Most alterations, such as small adjustments or rework, are typically just finished. However, if we believe this practice is being misused, we will compile a list of the works identified as the source of the abuse and bill such additional time at business rates.

While we do our best to keep most changes within the site's budget, some are classified as system enhancements or add-ons and incur a fee; we will let you know about any such items before we begin work.

Any requests from the client for more work, changes, or tweaks after approval and/or moving on to the next phase of the project process will be handled as add-on work and billed separately.

By the specified due dates, the client must pay Wholewave's fee in full without any deductions, reductions, or debt settlement.

Exclusions from Liability

Wholewave will deliver the service with an acceptable level of expertise and attention. But we disclaim all warranties—express or implied—as to the service's accessibility, excellence, timeliness, completeness, performance, or suitability.

Wholewave hereby disclaims all liability for any loss or damage resulting from any inaccuracy, omission, delay, or error in the production of the website, whether the result of negligence or other causes; All and any liability for loss or damage to clients' artwork/photos, data/content supplied for the site. Whether negligence or some other cause led to the loss or harm.

We shall not be liable in any way for any damages resulting in contract, tort, or otherwise with respect to loss or damage arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or operation of the Service, with the exception of death or personal injury caused by our negligent acts or omissions. Any direct, indirect, or consequential damages in contract or tort, including lost profits, property loss or damage, or damages resulting from third-party claims, are expressly disclaimed.

Wholewave is unable to give service guarantees on behalf of third-party companies and will not be held accountable for any service failures that may occur.

Delivery and Approvals

The project will be completed in stages, and work on the subsequent step won't begin until the previous stage has been approved and the necessary payments have been made, as agreed.

All developed code and materials will be sent following project completion and sign-offs. After all payments have been made, the client will possess the code.

After the Service (website design and/or development) is finished, the website will be posted to the Wholewave server's Client area for review. The website will be posted to the destination server, where it will remain, after receiving the client's approval. The website's upload may be postponed by Wholewave until full payment has been made.

Wholewave has the right to publicize the finished product and/or even the deployed end product/website for the purpose of providing references to other potential clients. When such withholding is necessary, the customer must inform Wholewave well in advance and ask for the requisite authorizations in advance.


India law shall apply to the interpretation and application of these terms. The parties hereby irrevocably consent that any dispute arising out of, pursuant to, or related to these Terms and Conditions shall be resolved exclusively by the courts of India. Acceptance of these terms that are attached to the order will be confirmed by placing the order.


The remaining sections of this Agreement and/or Order shall be unaffected and the Agreement and/or Order shall not be void for the sole reason that one or more of its provisions are determined to be invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable. An invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable clause shall be replaced by a mutually acceptable replacement provision that is valid, legal, and enforceable and that most closely matches the parties' original intentions.

Change In Policy

Wholewave has the right to revise these Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice, to reflect new developments in technology, alterations in laws and regulations, and best practices in conducting business. If we alter our privacy practices, new Terms and Conditions will be released to reflect those changes. The new/amended Terms and Conditions will state the effective date of the revisions at the beginning.