Privacy Policy

Wholewave Elements Private Limited ("Wholewave", "we," "us," or "our") values our customers' right to privacy, therefore, we work to be transparent about how we gather, utilize, disclose, transfer, and preserve their information. Our information practices are summarized in this Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is applicable to all of our "Services," which are collectively referred to as websites or online programs.

Please be aware that when using or visiting our website, the Privacy Policy applies. That also holds true whether you access our Services using a computer, smartphone, tablet, and other device. You should carefully read the Privacy Policy since, by using our Services, you agree to the practices outlined in both the Privacy Policy and the supplements. You shouldn't use our Services if you disagree with the procedures outlined in the Privacy Policy.

Also, it's crucial that you frequently check for Privacy Policy revisions. The Privacy Policy is currently in this version. To find out when the Privacy Policy was most recently revised, look at the "effective date" shown at the top.

Information Gathering and Use

When you visit our website, we may gather personal data about you, such as your name, address, email address, phone number, information used to customize the website for you, date of birth, and other details. Wholewave makes use of your information to better serve you and make it possible for us to get in touch with you in the event of a problem.

Whether you use Wholewave's services, when you respond to surveys on the company's website, or when you engage in a user forum or blog run by Wholewave or one of/any of our business partners, we may also request and collect personal information from you at those other times. In accordance with this statement, we use the information you give us to improve the services we offer you, personalize your visit to our website, offer suggestions for products and services, and for other purposes. To assist us in better understanding our consumers, Wholewave may additionally combine user information with data from outside sources.

We will use the personal data you supply on the Website to effectively communicate with you, answer your queries, and offer you customer support. We may use certain identifying technologies to enable a website to "remember" your personal preferences, such as the areas of the Website that you frequent and, if you choose, your user ID, after you have provided personal information into a form or data field on the Website.

Your information will be gathered, stored, and used in accordance with all relevant laws. By choosing not to enter any personal information into forms or data fields on the Website, you can always restrict how much and what kind of personal information we learn about you. You can only use some of our online services if you give us the necessary personal data. You could be asked in other places on the website if you want to join or leave our contact lists for offers, promotions, and other services that might be of interest to you. We may use this data for marketing and promotional purposes if you give us permission to do so. For instance, with your permission and in line with relevant law, we may use your email address to contact you about goods or information we believe you may find interesting, as well as to send you news and newsletters, exclusive offers, and promotions. However, if you'd like, you can choose not to get our updates and newsletters.

In addition, Wholewave conducts research on the demographics, interests, and behavior of its users based on the data that users give us, whether they hire us to perform a job or just browse our website. We do this in order to comprehend and serve our users. In order to avoid identifying any specific individuals, this research is assembled and examined on an aggregate basis. In contrast to any other unauthorized third party or entity, Wholewave may share this aggregated data with its business partners and subsidiaries.

Also, the domain names and other pertinent information about visitors to our websites is gathered by our web server logs. The number of visits, average time spent on our website, pages seen, and usage data are all aggregated using this data. We analyze this data to better understand how users interact with our websites, update their content, and deliver relevant advertisements. Using aggregated data in a way that would make it possible to directly link any personal information to our visitors is not done.

We will only offer the information that a user or visitor has requested and asked for help with through our online portal, unless the user or visitor signs up through his email on our website. By signing up, the visitor can also request comprehensive and in-depth support.

When you indicate interest in career opportunities at Wholewave, we may also ask for personal information from you.

Use Of Cookies

A cookie is a little piece of data that a website you visit uploads to your computer in order to identify you. Cookies can be used to track your online behavior, and the information they provide allows us to better understand your preferences and the way you interact with the website. Cookies can also be used to remember things like your password and username. If you'd prefer not to get cookies, you can disable all of them. Also, you can set up your computer to notify you each time cookies are being utilized. You must modify the settings on your browser for both options (like internet explorer, Google Chrome). Additionally, there are software solutions that can manage cookies for you.


Beacon (or "pixel") technologies are used by us and a few other third parties to transmit data from your device to a server. Beacons can be included in online articles, videos, and emails. They enable a server to read specific types of data from your device, track when you've viewed a specific piece of content or an email, as well as the time and date you viewed the beacon and your device's IP address. Beacons are used by us and some third parties for a variety of reasons, such as to analyze how customers use our services and (in conjunction with cookies) to deliver more relevant content and advertisements to you.

Change, Delete, Or Opt-Out Of Personal Data

You have the option to unsubscribe at any time if you'd like to stop getting emails and/or SMS messages from us. You may also cancel your registration at any time.

Visit the subscription page if you wish to opt-out, erase, or change your personal information. If your personal information changes, we urge you to update it as soon as possible.

Safeguarding Your Info

We take the necessary organizational and technical precautions to protect your data on our website and other systems from theft, unauthorized access, modification, and distribution. We will continue to maintain sufficient organizational and technical security measures to safeguard personally identifiable information.

As a matter of policy, we safeguard every web page that gathers personal data; however, the security of personal data sent over the Internet cannot be guaranteed. While sending personal information via the Internet, we strongly advise you to use caution. We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of our clients and will take all necessary precautions to stop the leakage of their personal information. While taking all necessary precautions, we cannot be held liable for any damages caused by unauthorized third parties accessing and utilizing your personal information.

We are not required to keep your information on file for longer than is necessary to accomplish the original reason it was gathered or provided.

Your Consent

You confirm that you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy and our Disclaimer by using our website. Please do not provide us any personal information and leave this website if you disagree with the terms of our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

Online Policy

The Privacy Policy does not apply to anything that is inherent in how the internet works and is thus beyond our control. It also must not be used in a way that is against the law or a government regulation. This online privacy statement only relates to data that we gather online; we do not collect data offline.

Freedom of Information

You have the right to access information about the personal information we hold on you, as well as the right to have that information updated, blocked, or deleted. To exercise these rights, please contact us at:

Wholewave Elements Private Limited

Berbalaje,Machina Post, Belthangadi, Belthangadi,
Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka, 574224

Other Sites Links

This privacy statement solely applies to our website. Wholewave may offer links to other websites that we think you might find interesting. The information on such a website, your access to such links, the security of the personal data you supply, or any information gathered by that website are not our responsibility. You alone bear the risk of visiting such websites.

Change In Policy

Wholewave has the right to revise this privacy policy at any time, without prior notice, to reflect new developments in technology, alterations in laws and regulations, and best practices in conducting business. If we alter our privacy practices, a new Privacy Policy will be released to reflect those changes. The new/amended Privacy Policy will state the effective date of the revisions at the beginning.