Refund Policy

Policy for Refunds and Cancellations

At Wholewave, we have complete faith in our extensive selection of e-business solutions, products, and services. Every time we do business with one of our cherished customers, we go above and beyond to ensure that they receive prompt, dependable, and exceptional service. After conducting a thorough project analysis with a comprehensive scope document, Wholewave provides all of its services to customers. It ensures complete comprehension of the work and virtually eliminates the possibility of project cancellation, reversal, or disagreement. However, a set of restrictions apply to both service cancellations and refunds.

Whenever a customer wants to terminate their shared hosting services, they must get in touch with our billing department by sending a support ticket or an email to

Cancellation Policy

A subscriber can cancel a service within two to three days of signing the agreement by filling out the cancellation form on our website. No retraction is feasible for the administrations presented with limited time limits on extraordinary events viz. Christmas, New Year's Day, and Independence Day. Because these are limited-edition offers, there would be no way to get a refund.

Requests to cancel services such as domain name registration and transfer will never be accepted by Wholewave. Even if the cancellation is posted within 48 hours, the fee will not be refunded once it has been paid.

A service will be canceled if the next payment is not received within seven business days. Our refund policy is different for each service because each one requires a different set of steps to complete.

Refund Policy

Every campaign milestone requires a particular set of resources to be completed. As a result, the work that has already been done cannot be refunded. The fee paid in the form of administrative fees or installation charges cannot be refunded.

With fee refund, taxes paid on services imposed by regulatory bodies would not be refunded.

If you break any of the terms outlined in our Terms & Conditions section, you will not be eligible for a refund. Services that are delivered on the same day do not qualify for a refund policy.

If a third party causes a delay or disruption in service, Wholewave is not responsible for paying a refund. In order to avoid any problems during a cancellation or refund, we ask that our customers carefully read the aforementioned cancellation and refund policies. Wholewave thanks you for visiting.

We will make every effort to develop the ideal hosting package for each of our customers. All reimbursements will be processed in a maximum of 5-7 working days and credited to your account by direct deposit into your bank account or account credits. When paying with a credit card, refunds are made to the card that was used initially, and when paying with a payment gateway name, refunds are transferred to the same bank account.