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1.Do you guarantee the confidentiality and security of our intellectual property?

You will, of course, own your Angular project entirely. NDAs, copyrights, source codes, and other forms of intellectual property are included.

2.What happens if I am unhappy with the work of the hired developer and want to leave?

Trust us. That won't ever occur. The satisfaction of our customers comes first. Any party to this agreement may terminate this agreement at any time, with or without cause.

3.Is it acceptable if I wish to participate in the development process?

In a word, yeah. Based on Agile principles, Wholewave was established. The "customer - product owner" is constantly active in the software development process with this iterative Agile software development approach.

4.Will the hired staff members be accessible during my time zone?

Certainly, we can provide these for you. To complete the task, you can work with the hired resources whenever it is convenient for you.

5.After deployment, do you offer support and maintenance services?

After a project is successfully completed, we do really offer support and maintenance services. In order to improve your product, we offer bug patches, framework upgrades, ongoing monitoring, and technical problem solving.

6.What plan do you have for resource backup?

Nothing to worry about. Our vast group of employees always makes sure to take care of the necessary details so you may have hassle-free development with few complications.